Positive Characteristics for a Successful Coach

Everyday something sparks me to express my point of view, but this is what prompted me to start this blog.  Several years ago, I had stumbled onto the Topix website for Greenwood AR and read some comments from about 5 people venting about various situations within our town’s government.  The comments were destructive, vulgar, and embarrassing … More Positive Characteristics for a Successful Coach

A Special Bulldog

  It was one of our early seasons here at Greenwood and we knew immediately that this group of 2005 Senior boys were special.  There was only 18 of them in the Senior class, including one special ed kid named Brandon.    Brandon loved Greenwood football, he worked hard all year around to be a part of this team, … More A Special Bulldog

About Me

  My story is in Greenwood Arkansas where football is the life.  My husband has coached all over Oklahoma when we decided to go small town to raise our family.  Numerous state championships later that have produced leaders both on and off the football field, we know that this is the place to be.  Everyday … More About Me