Mona’s Book Tour

This week is the start of becoming empty nesters.  Kevin is officially a licensed Arkansas driver and just drove off to a friend’s house for the day.  Allyson is 3 months away from getting her official license too so I am guessing she will very soon be hauling Regan’s butt around anywhere and everywhere their allowances can afford.

I turned on the TV this morning to Hoda and Kathy Lee’s show where they had recent empty nester moms talking about the huge adjustments of their children growing up and moving on.  Kathy Lee’s daughter is getting ready to move to California from New York.  Another guest, who is a psychologist and mother, was having such a hard time with the transition, that she wrote a book about it.   

I could write a book, in fact could write several survival books.  Starting with being a 32-year-old career woman who had been on her own since she was 16 making the marital adjustment, quitting my job of 10 years, having 2 kids immediately, bringing in another young daughter to the family soon after, and how to make some extra money on the side without having to commit real job demands. 

The second book could be on how to survive marrying a 40-year-old bachelor/workaholic that up until marriage has had three passions in life:  football, food, and coffee, in that order.  Oh and do I have some advice on that one!  I am  really not sure that there is a market for this book, can’t think of anyone that has had this situation except for Coach’s brother in Texas.  He was a 41-year-old bachelor that married a career woman.  His wife thought she had it all planned out in the big city by having first a little girl and then trying to have one more , hopefully a girl,  to make their family complete.   God does have a sense of humor and had different plans for them when he delivered them  little red-headed twin boys.

Last is the book I have ahead of me where 3 kids move out and a husband retires all within a year.  I am thinking this might be my greatest survival test of all, mainly because I am tired.  And all of you Greenwood football fans, I am on your side, let’s keep Coach Jones working well into retirement! I am thinking a few extra years so that I can rest up without all the chores of running a household with 3 kids would be my kind of retirement.


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