Regan’s GHS Senior Advice

As both daughters headed into their Senior year of high school exactly one year ago, we talked about several things they could do to make it the best year ever. Regan decided to expand on her advice list and share it with incoming seniors at Greenwood High School.

Stop stressing about what college you want to attend. Visit your options, keep an open mind, and go with your gut. there is no wrong choice, you will make the right one.


Your friends at the beginning of the year might not be the same good friends you end up with at the end of the year and that is totally okay.

Say yes to going out more. Don’t get lazy and stay at home. Netflix is awesome but it can wait for rainy, cold nights.

Request baked potatoes in the lunch room, they are the best. And be friendly and respectful to the cafeteria staff.

Say hello to people you don’t usually say hi to with a friendly smile.

Life can get crazy, but be thoughtful. If you see someone having a bad day, text them.

Don’t use too much baby powder at the football games. if someone complains, they will most likely ban this fun tradition again.

baby powder

Be happy for other people’s success.

Attend all football games you can, you will miss these times of hanging out with your friends to root for your team.

If there are themes for the athletic games, dress appropriately and have fun.

pink gameusacamo

Try and get your homework done just in case you totally bomb the test.

Bring snacks.

Bring your phone charger everywhere you go.

Don’t waste time disliking anyone.

Attend as many sporting events or events as possible.


Don’t plan a senior trip too far in advance.

Be careful what you say on Twitter.

Never use YikYak.

Eat breakfast because if you don’t, you will starve especially if you have the later lunch.

The mashed potatoes are good!

Find which teachers are strict about the dress code and avoid them at all costs.

Take opportunities given to you.

Have an umbrella.

Pray all year for at least one snow day.

Go to the prom, nobody is too cool for prom.

prom cool

Don’t drive fast in the parking lot.

Park in your assigned section or they will find you.

Go on the club trips.

bus trip

Make a road trip out of the away football games.

Love on your pets at home especially if they are old.

Make friends from other schools.

Take the ACT Prep course even though it sucks, it does help.

Don’t walk too slow in the hallways and always walk on the right side.

Take lots of pictures.

selfieselfie pep

Sparknotes and Shmoop are helpful, just saying…

Have your own calculator.

Try to not lose your pencil and pens.

If you’re a girl, and for some guys, always bring an extra hair tie.

Be thankful for home cooked meals.

Try to be organized.

Try not to stress, things usually work out.


Don’t be afraid to ask for help.

Take turns bringing candy for you lunch table.

Remember that high school is temporary.

Don’t feel like you have to dress up every day, because you don’t.



Always have gum.

Make friends with your teachers.

Invite people to do things.

Let friends go if they don’t want to stay.

Put everything in your sport, or anything you like to do.

2015-05-05 19.42.51

Be realistic about relationships.

Realize life can be better than this.

College is just around the corner.  Enjoy where you are and the moment you are in right now.


Hold on to the people that you trust.

Career Center bathrooms are the very best.

Don’t get to the school so late every day that you have to sprint to class.  It sucks.  (Regan really never took this advice).


Make the most of high school because it doesn’t last forever!

Thanks, Regan, for writing this advice list.  We can’t wait to hear what advice you have for Freshman College students next summer.



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