Gimme Two Good Ones!

Until you walk into the Greenwood GMAC on a hot July morning to see, or better yet experience it, there are no words that can explain FASDOGS.  This Greenwood tradition started by Coach Rick Jones 14 summers ago began with 180 football players.  This summer, 600 plus athletes, primarily from Greenwood, are leaving their sweat on the newly installed turf.  Now, it is not just football players, but young athletes from the 3rd grade all the way up to alumni and even parents that are participating in this speed and agility program.

Coach Jones and his staff has fined tuned this program over the years by combining other fitness training, such as Crossfit, old school,  and weight training through range of motion exercises while concentrating on proper form and strengthening the core muscle group.  All in the name of shared pain for a common goal to be faster, stronger, quicker, and more agile in your sport of choice.

Athletes have staggered start times beginning at 6:30 am with the last group starting at 9:30. Coaches are positioned around the indoor facility, weight room, and on the football field at numerous stations as the groups rotate through.   A coach will explain their station at least 35 times in one day!

It is more than a good work out, but a social event.  Some parents that don’t participate in FASDOGS, will meet others to walk or run around the track or bring lawn chairs to visit with friends and watch the activities.  The athletes get there usually about 20 minutes early also to visit with their friends or teammates.

Once the athletes begin their session, it is all business with a “Yes sir, Bulldogs ready to work”, straight rows, counting off reps, and total focus.  The peer pressure is very strong to do your best and try hard in front of your friends, older peers, and especially the coaches.  Everyone wants to hear a “Good Job, Jones” from the coaches.

The coaches  acknowledge every athlete that is there by speaking or patting them on the head at the start during stretches walking back and forth down each line.  They also try very hard to learn everyone’s name although this task is getting more difficult. It is fun when a younger sibling gets to join the program for the first time.  Coaching every athlete up is the goal, so a critique of form or effort is always led and followed by a positive comment.  The coaches coach from the inside out, so they will be in the middle of the circuit, not on the outside as a spectator.

If an athlete attends every day of FASDOGS, they receive a 100% Bulldog shirt.  There are no excuses, you were either there participating EVERY day or you were not to get the shirt, they don’t give out 98% shirts.  Even with vacations, church camps, other sport obligations, and sickness, a large percentage of the athletes attend every day and earn the 100% shirt.


FASDOGS 2017 starts July 10th, you can find forms at the Greenwood Administration office, the GMAC, or online at  Find FASDOGS on Facebook to keep up on news, pictures, and videos.


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